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Greetings and welcome to the inaugural of the new Allen School Online Blog. We’ve created this blog to serve as a sounding board for the Allen School Online community. We’ll be working hard to find and digest information of interest to students of medical billing and coding as well as those entertaining a career in this growing field. Check in regularly to see what your community is thinking and talking about. We encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Please leave your own comments on any topic that strikes your interest or in which you have experiences you’d like to share. We’re glad to be here and look forward to engaging conversations with the greater Allen School Online community!

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  2. In Anatomy and Physiology I learned:
    I am so greatful that I found the Allen school to attend, I have learned so much and it helps me in my job as an medical biller. I have learned to be able to tell the difference in why denials are done and how to fix them. I have had a great time with this class and expect to learn more. This is a great class and very informative.

  3. In Interpersonal Communications I was surprised to learn:
    In this class parts were very hard for me, but others just seemed like common sense. The biggest thing I learned about was the Hospice and learning to communicate with patients. I did not realize the grief and humiliation that people go through when they find out that they have cancer. I could not imagine the type of grief and denials that most people would go through. I just had a scare from a bad mamogram, and I was terrified.
    To be able to speak to someone with kindness and dignity in a professional tone is very important to a patient. I have learned to take into consideration the patient’s feelings and will work harder to work with the patients.

  4. Goldie

    I am extremely glad that I found Allen online school. I am a mother of four beautiful children. I am only 20 and only have high school and the military behind me. Go Navy! I got out of the nay when I got pregnant then i met my boyfriend who had three kids. So I am a mother of four kids under 3 and have no time time even to breath. But I found Allen online school where I can be a mother and get my education that I need to further my life where I can provide for my children. Thank you Allen school you are doing wonders more then you know.

    • Anthony

      Wow! You are a very accomplished woman for your age. It seems like you really have solid self-discipline and a good idea of where you want to head in life. I have a four year old son myself and understand exactly how much work simply being a prent is. But taking care of four kids while maintaining household, work andstudies is truly a near miraculous feat. Good for you. If this is what Allen School students are made of, the medical community should be excited to hire graduates of this program.

  5. Lakisha Summers

    In Medical Billing and Coding with Allen Online, I am learning so much. For this module, I am studying the insurance coding and more about the dos and don’ts concerning coding. I am also studying Anatomy and Physiology. In this class, I have learned about prefixes and suffixes of medical terminology.

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