What are the Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant Before Applying for Nursing School?

There are several benefits to becoming a Medical Assistant before applying for nursing school:

  1. Gaining Hands-On Experience:  As a Medical Assistant, you will work closely with healthcare professionals and patients, allowing you to gain valuable practical experience in a clinical setting. This experience will give you a deeper understanding of patient care and medical procedures, which can be beneficial when transitioning to nursing school. At the Allen School of Health Sciences, you will experience our blended format of online and hands-on training in a clinical setting.
  1. Developing Strong Foundational Knowledge:  Medical Assistants receive training in various medical concepts including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology. This knowledge will provide you with a solid foundation that will help you succeed in nursing school, by giving you a head start in understanding the healthcare field. During the Allen School of Health Sciences medical assisting program, students will have 275-hours of internship as part of our program which allows students to receive real world experience in a clinical setting.
  1. Improving Your Interpersonal Skills:  Working as a Medical Assistant requires frequent interaction with patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  This experience will enhance your communication and interpersonal skills, which are essential for building strong relationships with patients and collaborating with the healthcare team as a nurse.
  1. Networking Opportunities:  During your time as a Medical Assistant, you will have the opportunity to build connections with healthcare professionals, including nurses.  These connections can be valuable when applying to nursing school, as they may provide recommendations or guidance during the application process. Our career services team can introduce you to local medical offices, assist students with professional resumes, go over interview skills and prepare you for an internship.
  1. Confirm Your Passion For Healthcare:  Working as a Medical Assistant can help you confirm your interest and passion for the healthcare field.  It allows you to gain exposure to different aspects of patient care and assess whether nursing is the right career path for you before fully committing to a nursing program.

Overall, becoming a Medical Assistant before applying to nursing school can provide you with valuable experience, knowledge and skills that will enhance your chances of success in nursing school and as a future nurse. To learn more about The Allen School of Health Sciences Medical Assistant program, contact us today! Enrolling now for classes starting soon. www.allenschool.edu

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