Why should High school Graduates Choose a Medical Assistant Career Path

High school graduates should consider choosing a medical assistant career path for several reasons:

1. Entry-Level Opportunity: Becoming a medical assistant is a viable entry point into the healthcare field for high school graduates. With the right training and certification, individuals can start their careers quickly and gain valuable experience in a healthcare setting.

2. Job Growth: The demand for medical assistants is expected to continue growing due to an ageing population and increased access to healthcare services. Choosing a career as a medical assistant can provide job stability and opportunities for long-term growth and advancement in the healthcare industry.

3. Varied Responsibilities: Medical assistants perform a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks, allowing for diverse and engaging work experience. High school graduates interested in healthcare can explore various aspects of the field and develop a versatile skill set as medical assistants. Some of the skills medical assistant students will learn at the Allen School of Health Sciences are the following: Phlebotomy, EKG, vital signs, and so much more. All included in a blended program that combines online learning with hands-on learning in a clinical classroom environment.

4. Flexibility: Medical assistants often have the flexibility to work in various healthcare settings, such as clinics, physician offices, and specialty practices. This flexibility allows individuals to explore different environments and specialties within the healthcare industry.

5. Fulfilling Work: Medical assistants play a crucial role in patient care, assisting healthcare providers, interacting with patients, and contributing to the overall functioning of a healthcare facility. High school graduates who are compassionate and enjoy helping others can find fulfillment in a career that positively impacts the lives of patients.

6. Career Advancement: While medical assisting is a rewarding career on its own, it can also serve as a steppingstone for further advancement in the healthcare field. High school graduates who start as medical assistants can pursue additional certifications, further education, or specialized training to advance their careers as healthcare professionals.

Overall, choosing a medical assistant career path as a high school graduate can provide a solid foundation for a rewarding and fulfilling career in healthcare. With opportunities for growth, job stability, and meaningful work, becoming a medical assistant can be a promising choice for individuals interested in entering the healthcare industry. If you are graduating high school or have an interest in a career in the medical field contact the Allen School today! www.allenschool.edu  We look forward to speaking with you about your interest in the medical field.

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