Why Should I Take a Medical Assistant Program Over an LPN program?

Why Should I Take a Medical Assistant Program Over an LPN program?

There are several reasons why taking a Medical Assisting program before pursuing an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program might be beneficial.  Here are a few points to consider:

1. Time and Cost:  Medical Assisting programs are typically shorter and less expensive compared to LPN programs.  If you are looking for a quicker entry into the healthcare field, medical assisting can be a good starting point.

2.  Versatility:  Medical Assistants are trained to perform both administrative and clinical tasks, making them versatile in various healthcare settings.  This can provide you with a broader range of job opportunities compared to LPNs, who primarily work in clinical settings.

3.  Exposure To Various Specialties:  Medical Assisting programs often provide exposure to different medical specialties, giving you a chance to explore and gain experience in different areas of healthcare.  This can help you make a more informed decision if you later decide to pursue further education in a specific nursing specialty.

4.  Stepping Stone:  Medical Assisting can serve as a stepping stone towards a nursing career.  By gaining experience and knowledge as a Medical Assistant, you can build a strong foundation that will be valuable when pursuing an LPN program or even a higher level of nursing education, such as becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).

5.  Flexibility:  Medical Assisting offers flexibility in terms of work settings and schedules.  Medical Assistants can work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities, and other health care settings.  This flexibility can be advantageous if you have specific preferences or constraints in terms of location or work hours.

Ultimately the decision between Medical Assisting and an LPN program depends on your career goals, personal circumstances, and desired level of responsibility within the healthcare field. Talk to an Allen School advisor today. We are here to assist students in making an educated decision about their careers in the medical field. Call the Allen School of Health Sciences to learn more about a Medical Assistant career in the medical field. We are enrolling now for classes starting soon. www.allenschool.edu

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