Definitely NOT an Allen School Grad!

Not an Allen School GradHere is a story about what happens when a frazzled medical office staff member does something downright stupid.  The following story comes to us from a hospital in the Philippines where a neo-natal ICU nurse covered a crying baby’s mouth with adhesive tape, ostensibly to stop the infant from crying.  Of course, upon discovering this horrific act, the baby’s parents were rightly angry.  The situation was compounded by the fact that the nurse’s supervisor offered an insultingly implausible defense for the action saying that the tape was place there to keep the pacifier from falling out. What relevance does this story have to those studying to become nursing assistants or those taking medical assistant training with the Allen School?  First, you can be absolutely certain that the classes at Allen School provide insight on practices and procedures to follow during times of heightened stress on the job.  Beyond that, this piece serves as a reminder that the medical field – particularly those working in trauma centers, maternity wards and other specialties – can be stressful.  As medical workers, you’ll often be dealing with people who are at their most vulnerable; people who are hurt, scared, angry and more.  It only takes a moment of poor judgment to make an inappropriate decision, but the consequences can be long lasting. Upon graduating from the Allen School, you’ll have a world class certification and training under your belt.  Protect your hard-earned credential by always thinking about the ramifications of your actions on the job.

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