Best Résumé for New Allen School Grads

gradFor those who decided to study medical office assistant training, certified nursing assistant training or medical billing online with the Allen School straight out of high school, landing that first job can be more difficult than landing subsequent jobs.  Just like any other career field, hiring agents typically want people with experience.  Yet, if no one gives a chance to a new graduate, no one would ever gain any experience.  So, clearly, many fresh graduates are overcoming this paradox and convincing hiring managers that they would make great employees.  So how do the successful ones accomplish this? Besides having a certification from a well-respected institution like the Allen School, having a really thoughtfully produced résumé makes a world of difference.  Yet, for those who are joining the workforce straight out of the academic world, there is very little that can be put down by way of on the job experience.  Over at the Business Insider, there is a fantastic piece called, “7 reasons this is an excellent résumé for someone just starting out” and it contains some real pearls of wisdom to help you put together the best possible résumé in spite of thin work history.  The comprehensive piece even includes a actual example to use as a template! If you’re in that group the above-linked article is a must read.  Some of the bullet-pointed nuggets of wisdom you can read about include:
  • Focusing on a clean, easy-to-read layout
  • Linking to an online professional profile (like a LinkedIn page, which as we’ve blogged about previously, one should build at the outset of their career and update regularly)
  • Clear enunciation of your career goals
  • A list of your social media skills
  • and more…
Landing that first job will fill your sails and if you work diligently, you’ll then have your first piece of hard-earned job experience in this field to inform your next résumé.  

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