Better Off Being a Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified Nurse Assistant is a Good JobSo what do soliders, firefighters, head cooks, mail carriers, corrections officers, newspaper reporters, lumberjacks, broadcasters, photojournalists and taxi drivers have in common?  They are all on the Forbes list of worst jobs for 2015.  Unfortunately, this blogger has held several of these positions and can verify the validity of them being on a list of worst jobs (former head cook, newspaper reporter and taxi driver here). The Forbes list arrived at the conclusion that these jobs were worst using a scoring method that takes into consideration the “degree of competitiveness and the amount of public contact (both viewed as negatives), physical demands including crawling, stooping and bending and work conditions like toxic fumes and noise. In addition they look at stressors like the amount of travel the job requires, deadlines, and physical risks including whether the workers’ or their colleagues’ lives are put at risk on the job.” Did you happen to notice what jobs were not on this list of crappy jobs?  That’s right!  There was no room on this list for the certified nurse assistant.  Neither was there space for the medical billing and coding professional nor the medical office assistant.  In fact, no medical industry jobs made the list at all.  Add this to the list of reasons why you should consider certified nurse assistant as a solid potential field of employment.  Then call the Allen School for details on how to get started. Lastly, let me make clear that being a soldier, firefighter, mail carrier and every other job on Forbes’s list is honorable.  All contributions to society through the efforts of honest labor are commendable and all jobs have positives and negatives.  

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