World Aids Day and the End of the Epidemic

certified nurse assistants help AIDS prevention effortsRejoice oh future certified nurse assistants!

For the end is in sight with respect to the scourge of AIDS, which has ravaged the world for three and a half decades.  Today, December 1st is World AIDS day, and a perfect time to look at the amazing advancements produced in the treatment and prevention of this horrible disease which ravages the immune system of 80 million world-wide and has killed 40 million. Thanks to the efforts of brave and dedicated people in the medical and scientific communities, great progress has been achieved.  So confident is the medical community that they’ve found the ways to treat and prevent further spread of this disease, the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS has announced its goal of ending the epidemic by the year 2030. Now, it is not a foregone conclusion that we’ll be able to succeed in this effort.  Much remains subject to the continued efforts of people in the medical field.  Such a large part of the prevention elements of ending the epidemic relies on education and awareness about how the disease is communicated.  This type of information/knowledge transfer is easily accomplished via certified nurse assistants in doctor’s offices and clinics around the world.  Helping patients to understand the risks involved in their behaviors, from sexual activity to drug use, is yet another critical contribution certified nurse assistants make toward general public health and welfare. On this World AIDS Day, let’s all resolve to work toward the goal of marginalizing AIDS by 2030.

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  1. Rohan Leslie

    I have read the World Aids Day blog, and I have to say that it inspired me. I hope that with more advances in medical science that we shall find a cure for HIV/AIDS before the year 2030. As scientists make more discoveries on the mature of viruses, and conduct more research on the microscopic level of human anatomy and physiology–to see how the body defends itself against foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses; with keen observations and experimentation we shall make discoveries that will arm us in this war. I think to victory lies in the virus itself; by finding a was to neutralize the HIV virus, we can help the body do what it is naturally inclined to do–defend itself against foreign pathogens. I will keep praying, studying, and hoping that we find a cure before 2030.

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