This is Why We Go to Healthcare Training School

Sarah is a reason to become a certified nursing assistantThere are many good reasons to get a nursing assistant education or to take medical assisting training: a stable career path, better compensation, strong employment numbers for the field.   Yet, there is no better reason to become a certified nursing assistant or a medical office assistant than for all the good you will be able to do for your fellow humans over the course of your career. Here’s a story that reminds all of us of the human element and the rewards that far outweigh monetary earnings.  Little Sarah Murnaghan (and happy St. Patty’s to her) was born with Cystic Fibrosis and by age 10, her lungs were failing.  She needed a double lung transplant to survive.  After navigating serious legal issues surrounding the rules for transplant patients and age restrictions, she underwent a TWO transplant operations, as the first transplant was rejected. Against all odds, physical, medical, legal and others, little Sarah has begun the arduous road to recovery.  Just recently, she took her first bike ride ever on a little pink bicycle, a marker signaling her return to “normal little girl” status – a huge milestone for a brave little girl and her long-suffering family.  None of this amazing story would be possible without the hard work and dedication of her surgeons, doctors, nurses, and the medical office staffs including certified nursing assistants and medical office assistants.  THIS is why we go to healthcare training school!

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