Lies Damage Your Job Prospects After Healthcare Training School

Like many students at the Allen School, perhaps you’ve decided to study medical assistant training or certified nursing assistant courses as part of a plan to switch career fields.  Yet, when you go out to seek your first new job in this exciting field, you’ll still need to include positions at your past employment on your résumé .  You may feel like you need to “fudge” a little, or embellish on your experiences.  Or maybe you wish to obscure the reasons behind gaps in your job history lasting more than a few weeks/months.  But be cautious in this regard.  Fibbing or even “creative explanations” on a résumé can often be easily uncovered by interviewers and the small white lies can wind up damaging your credibility and torpedoing your chances. Yahoo’s Small Business Advisor published a list of 5 Lies that Damage Your Reputation.  They are:
  1. Hiding a Gap in Employment by Excluding the Months of Employment on Your résumé
  2. Hiding Why You Left a Previous Employer, or, Why You Were Let Go
  3. Hiding Information That May Show Up on a Background or Drug Screen
  4. Providing a Friend as a Manager Reference
  5. Falsifying skills you have or have gained in your past employment
Read the full article at Yahoo Small Business Advisor and then make sure you’re prepared with well-conceived, thoughtful responses to the questions that you feel inclined to avoid.  In this way, you’ll demonstrate that not only are a a well-trained certified nursing assistant or medical office assistant, but you’re also a person of integrity.

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