Medical Assistants See Some Crazy Things

So you’re studying at Allen School’s medical training program in NYC.  You’re learning all about the various afflictions, ailments and illnesses you’re sure to confront as a medical assistant.  Beyond the simple ear infections, flu, or occasional broken bones, there are many, more creative injuries that people either fall prey to, or in some cases, inflict upon themselves.  If you’re going to be the best prepared medical assistant or nursing assistant, you’ll need to hide your sense of shock when some of the more bizarre cases walk through the door to your medical office.  So, with that in mind, I thought all you medical assistant and nursing assistant candidates would be well advised to view this slideshow of some of the most unbelievable injuries.  This way, you won’t betray a look of horror when a patient walks into your office.  Warning: not for those with a squeamish sensibility!

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