Medical Assistants Give the Best Advice

Medical assistants and certified nurse assistants give the best adviceI don’t know about you, but I have received some of the best advice on health and related issues from the medical assistants working in the offices of my doctors.  After all, it is the medical assistant (or sometimes the certified nurse assistant) who comes into the examination room before the doctor to collect information etc.  The doctor comes in and performs the examination and then when he or she leaves, it is the medical assistant or certified nurse assistant who follows up and provides critical details about the course of treatment the doctor ordered. So as you’re taking medical assistant courses or certified nurse assistant training, you will ultimately end up in a medical office where you’ll encounter real people, with real medical needs.  These folks will look to you for insight, guidance, comfort and well being.  If you’re anything like the medical assistants and CNAs in my doctor’s office, you’re going to be a font of practical information that will be valuable to the patients you serve.  Here’s a good example. As I was planning a trip to New Orleans last year, the certified nurse assistant in my doctor’s office served me this excellent piece of advice.  I came across this article at LifeHacker which explained in detail, exactly what my doctor’s CNA recommended as I planned my trip.  Being that I take several daily medications for asthma, she recommended I take cell phone pics of all my medication bottles and prescriptions so that if I were to lose my meds on vacation far from home, that I would be able to refill them locally and with ease.  It is this kind of advice that makes a good medical assistant or CNA and invaluable one.

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