Medical Assistants Have No Regrets

Have you ever wanted something badly?  Wanted it so badly it consumed your thoughts and dreams for weeks upon months?  And then, once you somehow were able to grasp the object of your desire, learned that in reality, you couldn’t stand the thing you thought you wanted?  Maybe it was a boyfriend or girlfriend you coveted who turned out to be a horrible person once you got close to them.  Or perhaps it was a car that while attractive on the outside was uncomfortable on the inside or got truly horrible gas mileage?  But if it was a career you thought you’d love but wound up loathing once you broke into the field, you probably still feel a stinging sensation when you think about it. Well, the folks over at published this list of the 5 most regretted jobs, describing five career paths that are most frequently reported to be regretted by people who work them.  You’ll be glad to note that not a single healthcare related field was included on this list.  That means few medical assistants, medical billing and coding professionals and certified nurse assistants feel regret about choosing this rewarding field to pursue.

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