Why Certified Nurse Assistants have Job Security: Reason # 2477

Cycle accidents alone could keep certified nurse assistants fully employedWhen looking for a stable, solid career to pursue, one could do a lot worse than certified nurse assistant.  Taking certified nurse assistant training via Allen School is a sure-fire way to nearly ensure that you’ll be graduating into a field where there will always be plenty of employment to go around.  Why do I say this? Consider this news wire story from the Associated Press about the four motorcycle riders in upstate New York this weekend who were stopped by police for driving their bikes at a heart-stopping 138 miles per hour!  Now, these fellows were lucky that their race on the open road was cut short by the police and not by a guard rail, oncoming vehicle or even a bird strike.  Because hitting any unforeseen obstacle at that rate of speed would surely have been catastrophic if not fatal.  And it is just this kind of maniacal activity that lands so many motorcycle riders in emergency rooms and hospitals every year.  The ones lucky enough to survive may also look forward to many years of physical therapy and other medical procedures; all of which are aided supported by dedicated certified nurse assistants. Before the two wheel-favoring readers of this blog start writing me nasty-grams about maligning the motorcycle, let me point out that the stupidity evidenced in this foursome’s weekend joyride is not native to motorcyclists alone.  Far from it.  Every year, thousands of people are injured doing really stupid things.  Digits blown off by illegal fireworks, broken bones caused by trampoline accidents, severe burns from turkey fryers around Thanksgiving time – and the list goes on and on.  Not even accounting for those accidents not stemming from irresponsible behavior, the point is that certified nurse assistants will always find it easier to remain employed because as long as there are humans, there will be accidents requiring medical attention.

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