Certified Nurse Assistants, Be Ready for the Future of Medicine

There are so many truly disruptive technologies at work in the modern medical arena.  There are also many innovations from other technical areas that are having an impact on the way medicine will be practiced in this young 21st century.  If you’re currently enrolled in nursing assistant school or, really, any kind of healthcare training school, you’d be well-advised to keep an eye on some of the latest and greatest technical advances. Take for example, the emerging technology for 3D printing.  This is a process that produces nearly any object using a specialized printer that produces tangible objects.  Anything from the recently publicized 3D printed pistol, to aircraft parts, to bioplastic, implantable medical devices.  Consider the recent case of an infant who was born with a damaged trachea and at six months old, stopped breathing.  Using a 3D printed tracheal implant, surgeons were able to implant a brand new windpipe, after printing it out using a 3D printer and plans/specifications provided by a biomedical research company.  Click here to read the exciting story at Popular Science. Training to be the certified nurse assistant of the 21st century means you’ll be witness to incredible advances such as this recent marvel of science.  Learn about as many of these emerging technologies as you can and you’ll be sure to be as effective a certified nurse assistant as you can be!

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