Industries Cutting Most Jobs List DOESN’T Include Medical Fields

no cutting to nursing assistant certificationHere’s some data that reveals just how stable the medical career field is compared to the rest in an already volatile economic environment. When one thinks of fields where growth is likely to remain strong, the technology field immediately comes to mind.  After all, computers and technology – hardware and software – are utilized by nearly all other industries.  So it would make sense to assume that tech companies wouldn’t make 24/7 Wall Street’s list of “Companies Cutting the Most Jobs”. The top three companies listed are all tech firms: Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems.  Also on the list representing tech is Sprint and Intel. Noticeably absent from the list were companies in the healthcare field.  This is because healthcare continues to be one of the top most stable career fields according to Labor Department statistics.  Anecdotal evidence also supports this strength.  After all, companies can go an extra year or two between upgrading hardware and software.  But health concerns are always a priority. If you needed yet another reason to get off the fence and enroll in nursing assistant certification courses with the Allen School, this data supports what we’ve been saying for a long time.  Healthcare careers are where its at!

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