Keeping Certified Nurse Assistants Employed

Adulterated Foods Keep certified nurse assistants in steady workLong time readers of the Allen School Blog know that I can never resist sharing stories about particularly, egregiously, un-apologetically unhealthy foods.  Especially the fast food variety of heavily processed foodstuffs like this one, and these. Now don’t assume I am a saint or some kind of wheat germ swilling health food freak.  I enjoy an occasional indulgence in such grotesquery as White Castles, Doritos Locos Tacos, and other fun stuff.  But if one stops and thinks about it, consuming this kind of food on a regular basis is pretty unhealthy.   Remember the KFC Double Down sandwich, or the (actually lethal) Quadruple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas? Well, today’s irresistible junk food story comes in the form of a “naked” picture of a frozen, uncooked McDonald’s McRib sandwich.   I will admit to having burned through a number of these in my lifetime (although not lately).  Looks yummy, no? So what’s the point?  As always, when I get to waxing poetic about the adulterated nature of the American diet, I am reminded of the numerous ailments and maladies poor diet can cause.  As a blogger for a medical education institution, I cannot help but consider the extent to which junk food keeps certified nurse assistants (and the rest of the medical industry) busy with steady work.

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