New Land, New Career: What You Need To Know to Succeed

New Land, New Career - What You Need To Know to Succeed

When you come to the states, you come with a fresh start and the opportunity to build the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of. At The Allen School, we help train students from all walks of life who want to work in the medical assisting field. Medical assisting is one of the fastest-growing fields in America and is only expected to expand more in coming years. As a medical assistant, you can enjoy job stability, steady pay, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a real difference in your new home. Wherever you want to live in the US, there is a medical assistant job, and within the field itself, hundreds of different jobs you can pursue. Here are some tips to ensure success as you train for this amazing opportunity.

The first step is to call The Allen School to schedule a campus tour. Our advisors can help you learn more about the field, set up your schedule, and help you get everything you need to get started without delay.

Our career services department is available throughout your time in school and after to help you build a resume that will catch recruiters’ eyes and help place you in high-demand jobs. In America, your resume is your first impression to potential employers, so it’s important to have a resume that highlights your experience, and The Allen School can give you all the tips you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The Allen School places all medical assistant students in internship sites, so you can get even more first-hand knowledge of the field, and be able to apply what you’ve learned in school in a real medical setting, side by side with doctors and nurses before your schooling is up. Many students who take internships find themselves being placed in jobs faster; often at the facilities they intern at!

Call or email The Allen School today to set up an interview, and get started on the path towards a new life. You came to America to chase opportunities and to build a better life for you and your family. The Allen School can help!

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