Medical Innovation Only Requires Imagination

Way back in April 2010, I blogged about a student who invented a a suction device for surgical use that cost a mere $3 to produce, making a truly life-saving impact on the lives of folks living in the most impoverished places on Earth (like Haiti after the huge earthquake they experienced). This story perfectly illustrated how a student could make an outsized impact on the lives of millions and the medical treatment they may now receive as a result of one person’s efforts. The above video shows another example of this maxim.  This doctor, running a medical clinic in rural Nigeria, invented a simple device to perform the duties of a centrifuge which was critically needed but too expensive to purchase.  Using bicycle parts and a lot of ingenuity, this rural doc was able to make healthcare happen for his patients. If you’re studying to become a certified nursing assistant with the Allen School, you should be prepared for a career that holds the potential for success beyond simply learning the skills you’ll need to earn a good living and improve the lives of those around you.  You’ll also be learning how to think outside the box and you will take with you – once you graduate – an ability to perform great acts in service of others.

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