In Memoriam for 9/11 – Nurse Assistants Never Forget

September 11th MemorialToday marks twelve years since the horrific attacks on America in New York, Washington DC and in Shanksville PA.  The tragic loss of so many first responders added to the collective woe felt by Americans and supporters of freedom worldwide that fateful day.  Those who worked in the medical field in the aftermath of the attacks bore witness to the ailments, injuries and suffering of those who toiled at ground zero to search through the rubble, clean away the debris and begin the long process of rebuilding both our city and our collective sense of safety.  As certified nurse assistants and medical assistants in 2011 and 2012 will attest, New Yorkers and Americans at large are a tough, resilient and proud people who will never be cowed by acts of hate and terror.  As the country continues to heal, Allen School is proud to continue producing caring, compassionate, dedicated medical industry professionals.  Let us never forget!

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