Nurse Assistants, Know What to Say

When patients come to the office or the hospital, they’re all seeking the same thing – cures and words of comfort or kind encouragement.  Knowing what to say in any given health-related situation is an important part of being a certified nurse assistant.  And to a large degree when taking nurse assistant training, you’ll be learning what to do and what to say in a wide range of health-related scenarios.  But, beyond the robust support you’ll get from Allen School’s career services you’ll still be on your own when you walk into the job interview for a position in a doctor’s office or other medical facility.  If you want to land that job as a nurse assistant, you’re going to need to know not just what to say to patients, but what to say to the hiring manager in your interview. The job experts over at have put together a great list of five simple things to say during your next job interview to make you a more attractive candidate to the hiring manager.  There are just some phrases and ideas that, when communicated sincerely, indicate that you’re the type of prospective employee that companies categorically seek to hire.  Just as a sick or injured patient wants to hear words that put them at ease, so too does a hiring manager want to hear words that make them comfortable with you as a candidate.  Want to know the five best things to say during an interview?  Click here!  Let our readers know how these phrases worked for you in your next interview by sharing your experiences in the comments.  

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