Nurses Aide Skills Include Honoring Everyone’s 1st Nurse (Mom)

Those who elect to make a career of their desire to comfort and heal others by becoming certified nursing assistants share a trait with mothers everywhere.  That trait being a compassion and caring that really makes a difference to someone when they’re suffering with an illness or injury.  That is why it is important to pay respect to our moms (which should be done every day of the year) on Mother’s Day which is this coming Sunday in case you forgot. Nurses aide skills are similar in many ways to the skills needed to be an effective momma, from having a caring demeanor with patients as a mom would with her children, to being knowledgeable about what to do in any circumstance related to abrasions, broken bones, fevers, bee stings and a whole laundry list of potential ailments, maladies and injuries.  In fact, in a lot of ways, moms are kind of like honorary certified nurse assistants.  Of course, unless they’ve completed nurses aide certification with Allen School, moms are not ready to enter this field as a profession.  However, any mothers who are interested in a new career vector might be attracted to this career, as they already have an inherent understanding of some of the skills required to be an effective CNA. In any case, please don’t forget to do something extra special for your mom this Sunday and let her know how much you love her!  After all, you only have one mama!

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