One (Bad) Way to Land Your Dream Job

bogusShortcuts in life rarely if ever pay off for those who try to use them.  Circumventing the trials and tribulations involved in achieving anything worthwhile is a dangerous game that can lead to lots of unintended consequences.  Take for example the case of a company called Career Excuse.  The company provides its customers with glowing professional references from entirely bogus jobs at entirely fabricated companies.  So rather than actually getting a job, gaining valuable work experience and using that to propel one’s career forward, Career Excuse customers simply fork over $200, put bogus job histories on their resumes and then Career Excuse provides glowing recommendations for their customers when hiring managers call to check the reference. Studying to become a certified nurse assistant requires long hours of study and hard work to master the course requirements.  After graduation, certified nurse assistants must earn jobs in their field and capture experience the good old fashioned way: by slogging through the sometimes difficult experiences which build upon their credentials.  If they work hard, they can certainly parlay a first job into a better paying second job.  They can move up within an organization and achieve in correlation to their merits. What do you think of a company that helps lazy folks fake their way into jobs?  Read this article to learn more about this eyebrow raising company.  Can you imagine what kind of danger a poseur in the medical field would represent to their patients?  The consequences could be catastrophic.  You’re much better off getting a solid nursing assistant certification with the Allen School and then wading into the career world, rising or falling on your own merits.

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