Spring Allergies and the Foods that Impact Them

As any working certified nursing assistant or medical office assistant will tell you, business in the doctor’s office picks up significantly during allergy season each year.  This year will be no different.  In fact, according to scientists, the late Spring and the effects of climate change will combine to make this year particularly rough on those who typically suffer from seasonal allergies.  But here’s something that perhaps CNAs and medical office assistants do not know.  And it’s something they can use to help their suffering patients as the blossoms bloom and the pollen rains down.  Certain foods and beverages have significant impact on the body’s histamine production.  Some by amplifying its effect and others by suppressing it.  The folks over at the Huffington Post have a neat slideshow and article laying out which eats will help and which will exacerbate the suffering.  If you’re like me and you like a nice spicy burrito and a cold beer, you’re hosed as chili peppers and beer are on the list of foods that make allergies worse.  Of course, if you love celery and apples, then you’re golden this allergy season!  

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