Wellness Care – Preventative Medicine

The departure of two American cultrual icons yesterday – Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson – demonstrates just how tenuous our grasp is upon life.  Both these legendary figures passed away years before their natural time.  Their untimely demise provokes some thought surrounding the immense benefits of wellness care and other preventative medical strategies. Continue reading…

Students Sound Off

I have activated the “Student & Alumni” category in advance of what should be a wave of student postings.  So check back soon to read what your fellow classmates are thinking and blogging about.  If you are a student or alumnus and you have a post you’d like to see on the front page, email it to me, along with your name, to blog@online.allenschool.edu and I will post the best of your submissions on the front page.

Balancing Work and Studies

My cousin is currently working a full time job and going back to school for some retraining after losing her job in an industry heavily impacted by the recession.  Watching her struggle with keeping both her job performance and her studies from flagging, prompted me to look online for some ideas from others on how to balance work and studies.  I will share with you what I recently shared with her.  Here are some pretty common strategies for work/study balance that I encountered among the experiences of others posted online. 1) Be OrganizedWhether you prefer an oldschool notepad, a traditional day planner or a fancy new PDA, it is critical to keep track of your obligations to both job and school. 2) Take an Incremental Approach – Don’t begin by trying to handle overtime at work and a full course load.  Start out with a little less and see how you’re able to handle the load.  If you have the bandwidth you can add more work hours or credits to your course load. 3) Balance the Difficulty of Your Classes – Select your classes wisely each semester.  Mix some harder classes with some easier ones and you’ll find working and studying to be more sustainable.  Taking all the tough classes together at the same time can lead to burnout! 4) Transcript Management – Keep on top of your credits.  Especially if you’re attending different schools in pursuit of your educational goals.  Even some credits you may have earned 10 years ago may still be transferable. And if you’re currently a student of Allen School Online, then you’re on the right track because you’re already doing the last frequently mentioned strategy: 5) Consider Online Schools – The freedom and flexibility of taking online courses can really help out if you are working full time, taking care of children or both.

Best US Job Markets – Part 3

In a recent post, I listed out the top 5 best and worst job markets for healthcare related jobs in the country.  I promised I would explore some of the areas in the “bests” portion of the list to continue my earlier series on “Best Job Markets in the US”.  A man of my word, I am pleased to delve a bit into what makes Madison, Wisconsin such a great place to live and work. About 75 miles west of the shores Lake Michigan, this beautiful city of 228,000 people is a youthful and vibrant place to live.  For career minded singles or young couples seeking a great place to put down roots and start a family alongside their new career, Madison is an excellent choice.  Almost 57% of the young population (median age 33 years) is single which is great for those seeking a new romance in addition to a new career.  Yet housing and overall cost of living is attractive to those who are seeking to build a home alongside their career.  The average home in Madison sells for $220,000 which is far more affordable than in areas such as New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.  The cost of living index in Madison is below the national average too.   With a median annual income of nearly $50,000, the potential for good living in this Wisconsin gem is high. Having spent a little time in Madison, I can say from experience that the city and surrounding metro areas are clean, attractive and inviting with excellent food, social activities, parks and music.