Best Job Markets in the US – Part 1

The current economic challenges have had the unintended consequence of spurring a lot of media coverage regarding employment figures nationwide. The upside of this focus on job data is – if you’re starting a new career – you have access to a wide array of data on where you can find a good job in an area projected to enjoy continued growth. Since lately I seem to be stumbling across a lot of state-by-state lists of “Top Growth Jobs”, I have decided to write a series of posts detailing the career environments in different areas of the country for people with medical billing and coding expertise. This virtual tour of great American destinations (and their respective job markets) may be as close as this writer gets to a vacation this year, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to. Today, let’s look at the data from California, a State I once called home and a great place to be if you’re working towards a career in the healthcare field. The current recession has spurred significant job losses and a lot of coverage about California’s unemployment. Yet, less reported are the thousands of new job openings filled in the Golden State every day. According to labor statistics, California’s total employment is predicted to approach 20 million or more by 2016. That’s good news! What’s even better is that the healthcare sector is number one on the list of “growth industries” and medical billing is included in the list of “25 Jobs to Increase through 2016” in California. That makes the Golden State a good place to consider living and working. This blogger lived in San Francisco during and after the Internet boom/bust and even in the dark economic days, post-bubble, I always found it a great place to find gainful and rewarding employment. It also has the added benefit of being a truly beautiful place to live. Pristine beaches, majestic mountains, acclaimed wineries, world-class golf, diverse music, innovative cuisine…***sigh***. Great place to begin your own Gold Rush. Have a look at the full report on California’s employment environment here:

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  1. It’s true there are still jobs out there especially in the health care sector. As the world ages and we find more ways to keep people alive for longer, there will be a need in years to come, for many more health care professionals. Many other industries are starting to bonce back as the world shows signs of a slow recovery and new job openings are starting to reflect this.

  2. Vincent van de Berg

    I think the employment environment is a global issue. I’m Dutch and although the healthcare sector is growing, we are still dealing with unemployment at the moment. I tried finding a job online, mayeb an international job, but it is terribly hard to get a job via the web.
    I still think the solution to the growing unemployment lies in online job websites, but they really need some improvement. isn’t bad but could be better, and smaller websites like are trying really to deliver and help, but still fail. Something needs to be done about this, and unemployment needs to end.

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