The Past Decade in Only Three Minutes-A Remarkable Video!

The ABC-TV show, “Good Morning America,” had a remarkable video recently that managed to overview the entire past ten years within three minutes. I was surprised by how many things I had forgotten about that were covered in the content and also surprised that we all survived the decade in light of all of the goings on. If you have not seen this video, you need to check it out and see how much you remember.

3 Responses to “The Past Decade in Only Three Minutes-A Remarkable Video!”

  1. Anthony

    I had forgotten how absolutley crappy the past decade was in actuality. Not that there weren’t personal bright spots for me. (What a miserable person I would be if there were no good times at all for ten years.) But on the world stage, the Naughty Aughties were full of greed, lies and shallowness. Glad to see ’em go. Let’s try to do better as humans this decade.

    • Gia Cioffi-Norment

      I remembered some things I’d like to forget in the past decade. I could go another ten years without Paris Hilton and Britney Spears though! A bright spot for me during the past ten years was the birth of two grandsons. One was born just after 9-11. I remember feeling such joy and an underlying sadness of the world that little boy was born into. I remember welcoming him and apologizing at the same time. I support and keep the faith for a better decade to come. I’ll certainly do my part to make it a better place, even if it is in my own little tiny space on the planet.

  2. Donna Atkins

    Gia, your comment made me aware of how much we all take for granted. I reflected, after reading it, on how both of my grandchildren (a five year old boy and a nine year old girl) were born in that decade and how much of a blessing they represented to me. When I am busy bemoaning all the negativity of the decade, I have to remember the personal joys and recognize that growth is frequently a by product of collective failures and that we perpetuate the world by holding fast to optimism and striving to make the best of bad times. I am the eternal optimist and I am hopeful that the contribution of the generation born in the previous decade will elicit great wisdom from the errors of the past. And, I also remind myself that a lot of the grim news and bad experiences are amplified by virtue of the Internet and social media and that there were probably awful things in all decades, we just didn’t know so much about them. To a better new decade, for all of us!

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