Mmmmmmm…. Mechanically Separated Meat

I publish stories here from time to time about different food products, recipes and dietary information because I think as professionals enterring the healthcare field, it behooves you to be aware of such things.  Also, it never fails to amaze me how poorly the general public pays attention to such issues.  In this installment of “Ewwww, Gross! Are You Gonna Eat That?” I link you to the story behind some of our society’s favorite foods and the sickening process used to manufacture them.  I am talking about hot dogs, baloney and chicken nuggets.  Click here to see some appalling pics of the output of a process known as “mechanically separated meat”, a moniker that I myself have laughed about seeing on food packaging in the past.  Let me also say by way of disclaimer, that I am overweight and enjoy (in sparing quantities) hot dogs, some processed meats and chicken nuggets.  However, I do try to keep them from being regular diet items.  For me, its good, fresh, locally produced foods – just in too much quantity – that are the problem.  Anyhow, these images and the article they adorn may finally dissuade me from any meats not locally procured.

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  1. Naidy Shinsky

    Consumers have a right to know about the food they eat, by choice of course. Some people rather not know as long as it tastes good. My daughter loves hot dogs and chicken nuggets, she does not care to know how it’s made nor do I feel bad by giving it to her. Just about everything we consume looks really nasty at some point during the production process. No one can argue that organic is the way to go for those who are willing to pay the higher prices. I’d like to have some faith in the regulatory agencies that are looking into the safety of the foods we eat. But there should always be a balance. Too much of anything is bad for you, everything in moderation. If you do shop for these things it’s recommended you be sure to look for products made with whole grains, low in sodium and calories and free of trans fats and balance it with a salad and some whole grain bread.

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