Tone It Down! Folks Are Getting Killed Out There!

As a blogger and a regular contributor to the online dialogue in this country, I would call on our leaders to tone down the violent, angry, hateful rhetoric they have engaged in over the last few years.  As the famous saying goes, “Politics ain’t beanbag” and as President Harry Truman once quipped, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”  So we know its bare knuckle brawling.  But, when rhetoric overheats and calls for violence (even if meant metaphorically) those with a loose grip on reality – like this Jared Loughner maniac – are encouraged to take it seriously.  Today, this blogger’s thoughts are with those gravely injured or killed and their families in the Arizona shootings.  Remember, in life, in the job hunt and in workplace interactions, in family matters and in friendships, at work, play and school, words have meaning and often, consequences.  Let’s all dial it back a notch and deal with our undeniably difficult national differences without calling for violence.  Its not the American way.

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