5 Tips for Avoiding the Common Cold

Well, cold and flu season is upon us again and no one hates being sick more than I do.  So I have been looking for some ideas on how to minimize the probability of catching a cold this season and I came across this. An article by dietician and nutitionist Susan Dopart offers 5 tips for avoiding the sickness this time of year.  Click here to read the useful suggestions she offers.

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  1. I am a big fan of vitamin D, #1 in her list is not too big of a jump for me, nor are most of the other ones, like sleep and exercise. I tend to try to eat fruits that contain Vitamin D and others, which I think is super important.

    However, the yogurt one would be a pretty significant change to my diet, as I hardly ever eat it. I might have to give it a try, maybe make some sort of granola/raisin/yogurt combination, because I hate being sick!

  2. Akinwande Alonge

    Off all the tips you gave about avoiding catching the Common Cold, which are taking Vitamin D, exercising, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and eating yogurt, the one I take very seriously is getting enough sleep. The simple reason is this: if you do all the other four things and do not get enough sleep, the cold would not go away quickly enough and your day will not be that productive anyway. When we sleep our bodies rebuild our immune system. According to the following web site: “A healthy mind and body needs a good night’s sleep. During this period, the body completes self- maintenance activities and the immune system rejuvenates itself.”

    Read more at Suite101: Immunity – Protection Against Microorganisms: The Final Line Against Disease http://www.suite101.com/content/immunity-protection-against-microorganisms-a137688#ixzz186ezCASy

  3. A product I found very useful in building up my immunity is Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C. It comes in a jelly like form that is added to just a small amount of water. It doesn’t taste very good and there has been some debate about whether it works. But I have been taking it for over a year now and I firmly believe that is has helped me remain healthy under circumstances in which I would have otherwise been sick (ie. traveling, weather changes, around sick people). If anyone is interested just Google LipoSpheric. There is a lot of information available on the web.

  4. Heather Malyah

    I never knew that there was really a way to avoid getting a common cold. I do not feel that you would get a cold from the actual cold you get the cold from germs. I think that the way to avoid getting a cold is by always washing your handing when coming in to contact with other as well as using hand santizers on a regular. Regardless of the way you get a common cold it is generaly a good idea to take all types of vitamins not just vitamin D, excerise daily, get enough sleep, and maintain a good diet which would include fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

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