Alternative Study Tactics for Students at the Allen School

While you’ve studied your entire life to learn math, science and history, you may find that studying as an adult can be trickier. Whether you’re learning to live on your own or you’re juggling a career and family while you pursue your education, it’s important to study as efficiently and as creatively as possible. At The Allen School, we want our students to succeed. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of alternative study tactics that students can implement. Choosing to pursue a career in healthcare is a wonderful and rewarding decision. By implementing these study tactics, you’ll learn even more as you continue to work toward your goals.

Watch videos

While your professors and textbooks will be very beneficial in learning the material that’s going to be covered on your exams, sometimes hearing an idea from a fresh perspective can be helpful. Consider watching videos online from other medical students and professors. Simply search for the topic you’re interested in or that you want more information on. Sometimes just hearing an idea from another person is enough to help you remember it.

Make flashcards fun

training to be a medical assistant Phoenix AZA lot of students overlook the value of flashcards. The truth is, though, that flashcards can help you memorize important ideas, names and procedures you’ll need in your medical career. Consider downloading a flashcard app so you can review flashcards on-the-go. Listen to music while you review so you don’t zone out or get bored. You can also make regular flashcards by hand to use while you’re relaxing in the bath or even lying in bed. Some students like to walk on the treadmill while they review flashcards. Others watch a television show and do flashcards during commercial breaks. The possibilities are endless.

Write a story

You don’t have to be a writer to try this study method. Learning new vocabulary words can be tough, so it’s important to use them as frequently as possible so you can retain them. One way you can memorize your lists and words is to use them in a story. Consider writing a one-page story using the words or ideas you’re covering in class. This doesn’t have to be a fancy or interesting story. Just try to use the words you’re learning in a pretend scenario. You might be surprised at just how helpful writing the words out can be.

Don’t study the same way each day

medical assistant students NYOne of the most important things you can do is to mix up your studying. While studying can be boring, you need to do your best to stay focused. Switching things up can help. For example, if you go to a study group on Tuesdays, make sure you study alone on Wednesdays. If you review your notes on Thursdays, try to do flash cards on Fridays. If you’re ready to take your studying to a new level and pursue a career in the healthcare field, The Allen School is ready for you. Contact us today so we can help you take the next steps in reaching the career goals you’ve been working toward.

10 Things Your Job Interviewer Won’t Tell You

US News and World Report published a truly excellent piece explaining some of the major mistakes and missteps made by job applicants.  In this age of high competition for a scarce number of jobs, there are very small margins for error in the interviewing process.  Even things that seem like positives (showing up early for example) can be negatives.  Other things we may not even think about – like talking too much – are also potential deal-breakers. The US News and World Report list include: 1. Little things count. Candidates often act as if only “official” contacts, like interviews and formal writing samples, count, but hiring managers are watching everything, including things like how quickly you respond to requests for writing samples and references, whether your email confirming the time of the interview is sloppily written, and how you treat the receptionist. 2. We don’t want you to try to sell us. It’s a turn-off when a candidate seems overly focused on closing the deal, rather than on figuring out if the job is the right fit. No hiring manager wants to think she’s being aggressively sold; we want the best person for the job, not the pushiest spiel.  3. We’re judging how you’re dressed and groomed. 3.In most industries, a professional appearance still matters. You don’t need to wear expensive clothes, but showing up in a casual outfit or clothes that don’t fit properly, having unkempt hair, or inappropriately flashy makeup can harm your chances. 4. We might act like we don’t mind you bad-mouthing a former employer, but we do. We’ll let you talk on once you start, but internally we’re noting that you’re willing to trash-talk people who have employed you in the past and are wondering if you’ll do that to us too. What’s more, we’re wondering about the other side of the story—whether you’re hard to get along with, or a troublemaker, or impossible to please. 5. You showed up too early. Many interviewers are annoyed when candidates show up more than five or 10 minutes early, since they may feel obligated to interrupt what they’re doing and go out to greet the person. Some feel guilty leaving someone sitting in their reception area that long. Aim to walk in five minutes early, but no more than that. Go have a look at the entire list and sound off in the comments if you’ve ever made any of these mistakes.

Market Trends That Mean little to a Medical Office Assistant

Up or Down, Markets Don't Impact the Demand for Medical Office Assistants

Up or Down, Markets Don’t Impact the Demand for Medical Office Assistants

People training with the Allen School to start a new career as a medical office assistant have a lot of things to be concerned about when it comes to economic and investment market indicators.  Things like “which US cities see the most robust job growth” and “where housing costs are lowest” when they’re deciding where to begin their new, lucrative careers. But here are three things the market is telling us today that don’t amount to a hill of beans for a newly minted medical office assistant.
  1. US Factory Orders Advance 1.8%  The truth of the matter is, that whether or not the manufacturing sector of the US economy is booming or slumping, folks will always need to go to their doctor for everything from their annual physicals to treatments for seasonal afflictions like Flu and the common cold.  In fact, there are literally thousands of ailments and afflictions keeping medical offices humming regardless of factory output.
  2. Oil’s Downtrend Seems to be Ending We all know that the price at the pump has come down significantly.  The price of oil most definitely has a real and noticeable effect on economic output.  But do you know what isn’t affected by low oil prices?  Instances of swimmer’s ear, plantar’s warts, hay fever, acid reflux and countless other ailments that keep medical offices humming regardless of the price of crude.
  3. Housing Data Beats Market Expectations Do renters get sick more or less often than those who own their own home?  Guess what, it doesn’t matter!  Whether more people are pouring money into homeownership or living in frugal rental properties, they will all require medical attention at roughly the same rate as statistically speaking.   Ergo, the whims of the housing market do nothing to influence the extent to which medical offices hum with activity.
Perhaps you’re seeing the pattern here.  The field of medicine, including the job of medical office assistant, is mostly immune to the ebb and flow of economic changes.  This is why it is such a stable field to work in and why people seek to earn their degree as a medical office assistant with the Allen School.    

Dedication is Key to Success

Perseverance is probably the most important ingredient to success.  More than innate ability, more than luck, more than well-placed connections, sticking to it is the most common attribute of the world’s most accomplished people.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.  

For students at the Allen School, determination and dedication are among the most important elements of success. With such busy lives, it can be hard to ensure there is enough time and energy to properly devote to studies; but it can be done which has become evident by the high number of graduates that Allen School produces each and every year. 

If you’re having trouble keeping focused on the prize, consider the effort put forth by young Ciara Cetraro of Hawaii who, at age 17, has a perfect attendance record at school.  Since kindergarten, Ciara has never missed a day of learning.  Can we imagine that some of the days among the 17 year academic career were tough?  Absolutely!  But, to her credit, Ciara never stopped plugging away and her record is a testament to the grit and determination that will surely serve her well as she enters post-secondary education and eventually enters the job force. 

Take a page from her play book and stick to your goals and dreams.  Pep-talk over! Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit to learn more.

Resurrect Your Career – Take CNA Training in Phoenix

So you’re unhappy with your current career in a field you hate, with little prospect for advancement.  Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re too old to start something new and that your career prospects are all but dead.  Well, we have news for you.  Just like the Phoenix of Greek mythology you can experience career rebirth at any age.

Take CNA training in Phoenix and watch your career catch fire and take flight!

The Phoenix myth was the ancient Greeks’ way of explaining the rising and setting of the sun each day.  The myth tells of a bird of fire that is cyclically regenerated or reborn, obtaining new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.  Each night as the sun sets, the Phoenix dies.  Every ensuing morning, the Phoenix is reborn at sunrise, rising high into the sky from the ashes it left the night before. If you’re seeking career advancement in a robust and growing industry, with great earning and advancement potential, and you live in Arizona, you can take CNA training in Phoenix (Arizona) with the Allen School.  Learning to be a certified nursing assistant is rewarding both financially and emotionally as you are compensated for helping people return to good health.  CNAs are in great demand in all major American markets and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the field of healthcare (which includes the job of certified nursing assistant) is projected to remain so. So don’t fret if it feels like your career prospects burned up a long time ago, leaving you in a dead end retail or service industry gig.  Rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix and take CNA training in Phoenix, Arizona and your career will blaze with the light of a white hot sun!

Nursing Assistant Training in Brooklyn – A Story of Renewal

Perhaps you’re in your 40s or 50s and considering a career change.  If you live in Brooklyn, New York, you may have even considered taking nursing assistant training in Brooklyn with the Allen School of Health Sciences.  But then perhaps you thought to yourself, “Who am I kidding?  I am too old to embark on a new career at this stage of my life.”  Well, I am here to tell you that this thought is just flat out wrong. Just because you’re not a recent high school grad or a Millennial generation person seeking a career path for the first time doesn’t mean you can’t turn a whole new page in your professional life.  Age is state of mind and has little to no bearing on your ability to earn a nursing assistant certification at Allen School’s Brooklyn, NY campus.  Here’s some inspiration that proves one is never too old to update/upgrade. Consider the venerable old Brooklyn Bridge.  At 133 years old, it is a historic landmark almost synonymous with New York City itself.  An iconic structure built for a much simpler time.  For more than a century, the bridge has kept up with the hastening pace of change experienced by Brooklyn and Manhattan.   At 133 years old, the bridge is so popular and heavily used that the city is now entertaining making updates/upgrades to the pedestrian pathway, making it wider and thus able to accomodate more of the foot and bicycle traffic which has grown so heavily in the last decade or so. You can read about the plans to expand the Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway in this article in today’s AM New York newspaper. Then consider yourself Mr. or Ms. middle aged person.  If they can update the iconic 133 year old work horse of a bridge, surely you can take steps needed to update your job skills with nursing assistant training in Brooklyn with the Allen School.  You can look each day toward the mighty old Brooklyn Bridge on your way to nursing assistant training classes to retain your inspiration as you move forward toward a career in a stable and growing field.

Medal Count in Rio Olympics So Far and the Medical Office Assistant

Winning an Olympic medal is a significant achievement for an athlete and reflects the exceptional levels of dedication, hard work and perseverance it takes to achieve greatness.  Any Olympic medal winner will tell you that the achievement does not occur in a vacuum.  Rather, each medal winner has the unwavering support of his or her coaches, practice partners, family, friends and fans to help push them toward success. The same is true of those seeking to generate their own personal career success by taking medical office assistant training.  Just like the Olympic athletes, medical office assistant trainees also rely heavily on the support and encouragement of their instructors, classmates, family and friends to achieve their certification.  It takes long hours of hard work, diligence and dedication to remake one’s self in a new career mold.  And just the same, one can achieve a lofty goal once their mind is set to the task.  If you have been holding off on starting a new career as a medical office assistant because you’re not sure you can do it alone, realize that with the support of those who care about you, it is totally within your reach. To be inspired, think about those American athletes who have earned medals in these current Olympic Games in Rio.  As of the writing of this post, the number of US medals sits at twelve and counting.  There is still most of the games in front of us.  Yet, American competitors in swimming, shooting, archery and fencing have earned medals to date, and the US currently leads in the overall medal count.  Americans are very goal oriented and achieve greatness regularly.  Add your name to the list of those who worked hard and achieved their dreams.  Go for the career gold with the Allen School’s medical office assistant training program!

CNA Trainees – Know the Early Signs of Dementia

CNA trainees should never miss an opportunity to absorb the latest research from different corners of the medical establishment.  Being aware and sharp-eyed, a CNA can become an invaluable resource to the physicians and practices they’ll server in the course of their career.  Today let’s examine a condition that afflicts the aging and elderly.  With demographics in the US ensuring an enormous wave of Americans at or approaching retirement age (65), the onset of afflictions like dementia are guaranteed to be on the rise. What should a CNA trainee know about the onset of dementia?  While the diagnosis of any disease or affliction is above the pay grade of the CNA, it is never wrong to be educated such that as an assistant, one would be able to contribute to the overall health and welfare of patients.

Medical Billing and Coding Classes Online to Beat the Heat

This entire week in the New York Metropolitan area is forecast to be exceptionally hot with very high humidity.  That combination of weather conditions ensures there will be a spike in instances of health issues resulting from the heat.  Heatstroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn, asthma and other respiratory distresses all increase when the weather is like this.  Unless you’re a student taking medical billing and coding classes online and can stay all day long in your favorite air-conditioned wifi zone, you’re going to be commuting and working in this miserable heat and humidity.  You can be prepared to avoid heat-related health issues if you know what to do.  Here’s some advice directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Click on their graphic below for the full content of their recommendations for beating the heat and avoiding physical distress. Medical billing and coding classes online help one avoid dangerous heat outdoors.

Image courtesy of the CDC

While landing a position in a solid, secure career field should be the primary reason to consider taking medical billing and coding classes online, avoiding the need to commute to and from school during the hottest dog days of summer is not a bad reason either.  Keep in mind that taking medical billing and coding classes online also keeps a student from the dangers and unpleasantry of commuting to and from campus in the worst of the winter weather too with the blizzards, ice storms, subzero winds and polar vortexes.

21st Century Skills Every Medical Office Assistant Student Needs

The knowledge people need to succeed is increasingly divergent from what they’re actually learning in school.   Traditional thinking about learning is seemingly no longer effective when it comes to providing students with the knowledge and understanding they need to survive according to the World Economic Forum report New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology.   Every medical office assistant student must be able to collaborate, communicate and solve problems if they’re to be successful in the field.  These are all skills developed what the WEF report refers to as “social and emotional learning (SEL)”.  A good balance between traditional skills and the modern, social and emotional skills prepares students to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving economy. The chart below illustrates the strategies used to foster social and emotional learning skills medical office assistant students and others. SEL Skills A recent analysis of 213 studies revealed that those who received SEL education scored, on average 11 percent higher on testing than those who did not.   This is evidence that SEL may contribute to long-term career benefits like higher employment rates and educational fulfillment.
The chart below, also courtesy of the World Economic Forum, illustrates in easy-to-grasp terms, the key skills a medical office assistant trainee needs to master to succeed in achieving that balance between traditional learning and SEL learning. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa For a job role like medical office assistant, the social and emotional training is even more important as these roles generally rely heavily on a person’s ability to interact and empathize with patients on a daily basis.