Best “Student Fuel”

Java, Joe, Coffee, Brew, Bean Juice, Mojo, Mud, Perky, Cuppa.  Whatever you call it, coffee is the students’ best friend.  Whether to wake up for early studies or to stay up late burning the midnight oil studying for the big exam, coffee is an indispensable item.  But just like darn near everything else, its price is heading higher and higher.  Some things in life are difficult to skimp on and for this blogger, coffee is one of them.  So what is a frugal student with a coffee addiction to do?  Consumer Reports comes to the rescue with a list of the best “store brand” coffee options!  Read it and see where your favorite beans figure on the list.

3 Responses to “Best “Student Fuel””

  1. Java/Coffee used to be my best alternative when I was going to school… but now if I have to stay up late and finish up something or if I have to stay up late to start something new…. I rely on XS energy drink and If I really really have to do push myself…. I add Rhodiola to it….
    That combination works the bst. I am able to stay up late and not get burnt out in the process.

  2. Interesting that Starbucks came in 5th. I think their coffee is amazing but anything other than regular coffee like moca’s, latte’s, etc. are just so expensive. Coffee has helped me with my mcat study guide, but it also wears off quickly. 🙂 – Man now I really am craving coffee, gonna get me a bold one.

  3. I used to rely on coffee when I was just a student, and yes it really helped me a lot to stay up late whenever there will be an exam. Instant coffee is I think the best alternative of the increasing price of coffee today. 🙂

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