Happy Birthday Elvis!

young-elvis1I used to have a number of Elvis Presley LPs and 45’s (you old folks know what those are) that I played on my little suitcase phonograph when I was a kid in the early 1970s.  But, I was never a huge devotee of Elvis Presley until I stopped to visit Graceland, Elvis’s home-turned-museum in Memphis during my third cross country trip; this time from California to New York in early 2003.  The totality of his achievement in music and his impact upon popular culture is overwhelming when you see, first hand, the monumental display of his life’s journey amassed in one place.  A subsequent reexamination of all his music blew me up into a true believer.   Alas the King is Dead – Long Live the King!  Over the jump, enjoy a link to a fantastic slide show of a young Elvis on the cusp of superstardom in 1956, courtesy of Huffington Post.  Enjoy! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/a-r-kara/amazing-photos-from-elvis_b_415316.html?slidenumber=0UUsNTv0d4g%3D&&&&&&&&&&&

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  1. Rose Ribboni

    Priceless photos! I have been to Graceland and was blown away by it. I visited the museum of his automobiles and remember the rooms just filled from floor to vaulted ceilings of his solid gold albums. So much success…and such a tragic disintegration of a life and a talent. Before visiting there, I also was not a “true devotee” as you indicate Anthony, but it is impossible to visit and not become one. We mourn the loss of these iconic figures and recognize the tragedy that fame and fortune wreak on so many of them. But, the legacy of their music lives on in our souls and spirit.

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