An Innovative Use for Medical Records

Science News reports of an innovative new way that researchers are using medical records for genetics research.  Obviously, patients’ medical records, in aggregate, contain a treasure trove of useful data to researchers seeking patterns that can be used in the study of genetics and disease.  However as you’re fully aware, privacy is of eminent concern when it comes to patient records. According to the Science News article, “Databases that link thousands of people’s DNA profiles to their medical histories are a powerful tool for researchers who want to use genetics to individualize the diagnosis and treatment of disease. But this promise of personalized medicine comes with concerns about patient privacy. Now scientists have come up with a way to alter personal medical information so it’s still meaningful for research, but meaningless to someone trying to ID an individual in a database.” To learn how they rendered anonymous the information contained in medical records read the entire article here courtesy of Wired Magazine.

2 Responses to “An Innovative Use for Medical Records”

  1. Michelle Mosley

    I think that by them doing this it will make it safer for the patient’s and there information. The DNA profile that is linked to the individuals medical record , and medical history are going to be very powerful in this day and age. They can find out why a person is not taking to the medication that he/she is taking. It would be a medical miracle if it works. It goes to say in the health care profession field there is a lot of great things that will take effect in your area. I think that this procedure would be safe from prying people eyes. They have it so that a hacker would not know who they are reading about. This includes the medical assistant, office manager, file room clerk, and other provider’s. I think that it is a good idea for the research on the genetics of disease done by our DNA.

  2. Eunice Smith

    It is amazing how the technology improves every day. This innovating method that researchers are using could be very helpful to all of us. Genetics is a very broad area. We will never know everything about how our body works, but every discovery can make a difference. With each attempt we learn more how to treat or prevent a disease. This new method is very helpful for the researchers, while protect the patient’s private information.

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