Boardwalks Under Water?

A few weeks ago, we had a freakishly hot, early Spring day.  Maybe you recall.  It was close to 90 degrees and had been predicted by the TV weatherman.  So we decided to play hooky for a day and hit the Jersey Shore for a day of early beachery.  I know many of our NY based student body probably considered doing the same.  Let me tell you, it was sublime!  Uncrowded (due to it being the 1st week in April) and gloriously warm.  But I couldn’t help noticing how much of the beach had been eroded over the Winter due to heavy storms and surf. It was as if half the beach was gone.  The municipality of the little coastal town had a huge bucket loader on the beach, building up artificial dunes to stop the encroaching seas from inundating the town.   Today, I read an article that quoted EPA expert Jim Titus explaining what will become of the Eastern Seaboard beaches.  Read the fateful predictions here.

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