Don’t be a Member of the Procrasti-Nation

We all succumb at one time or another to the pitfalls of procrastination.  Whether it is putting off studies, yard work, dieting or something else requiring effort, none of us is immune to the powerful desire to simply say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  In a post written by Sadhguru, founder of the non-religious Isha Foundation, he offers the following Indian parable.
“There is a popular superstition in some villages in India. As soon as the sun sets, the villagers fear that ghosts and demons will come to their homes. So in order to save themselves, they have a sign painted in red at the door that reads “Naale Baa,” meaning “Come Tomorrow.” The idea is that, on seeing the message, the ghosts and demons will know that they are supposed to visit this house the next day. But as tomorrow never comes, neither do the demons! Isn’t that wonderful?”
Click here to read his entire post on how to avoid the powerful pull of procrastination in your daily life.

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