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I guess it was foolish to think that New Yorkers corner the market on poor subway/mass transit behavior.  With transit services being cut back due to budget concerns, the already crowded New York City Subway system will likely see even greater numbers of people behaving badly.  But guess what?  It may make you feel better to learn that NYC isn’t the only urban area to grapple with peoples’ poor transit ettiquette.  Follow me past the jump for some comical signs that prove New York is not alone in the annals of bad transit behavior.

From the Tokyo Subway in Japan

Also from Tokyo Subway

Good thing there's no bar cars on the NYC Subway

From the Toronto, Canada Transit System

Also from Toronto

What if one works in a cannery? Perfume-o-holics, you have no excuse!!!

The NYC Subway Posted That Sparked This Post

What are your biggest mass-transit pet peeves?  Share in the comments section below.

3 Responses to “File Under: Nothing New Under the Sun”

  1. Rose Ribboni

    Mine is when some men sit down next to a woman, they keep their backpack on the floor between their legs, causing their thigh to press upon the thigh of the woman sitting next to them. If the woman gets up, should another seat become available, and a man takes the seat she has vacated, invariably, the man with the backpack will move it and close up his legs so that his thigh is not positioned against the man’s thigh! This really bugs me.

  2. I work in the mass-transit system as a supervisor and one of my many pet-peeves are when people getting on the bus with a knife in hand, demanding a free ride. Thank goodness most transit systems have cameras and can record almost everything (the operator said “go ahead, but you better do a good job at cutting me up because you see all these cameras, the man looked at all the people and then the cameras and got off the bus).
    You can spot a person who is going to get on the bus and will want to have a free ride, they will start fumbling in their pockets or acting like they are looking for money or a pass. Usually these types of people are the ones that think everyone owes them something and they deserve a free ride. You may have a packed vehicle and everyone else pays, why not this person too. Can you go into a store and say to the cashier give me a free soda, “NO” YOU HAVE TO PAY! This takes time away from the other passengers getting to their location on time, and is unfair to them. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes some people actually need a ride due to whatever reason, and they can and will receive it.

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