Friendship Shrinks in Age of “Social Media”

You hadn’t spoken until your childhood friend since the summer he moved away in 7th grade.  That is, until you re-connected with him on Facebook.   Maybe you have hundreds of Facebook friends and followers on Twitter.  You hold in your pocket, the ability to check in on everyone in the world that you have ever met during your lifetime.  Yet, according to a Cornell University study of more than 2000 Americans, we are more socially isolated than we were 25 years ago.  The average number of “good” friends, trusted confidants a person has, is down to 2 (from 3 in years past).  Chances are you are reading this post via a social media portal.  Maybe you read my blogging regularly and feel in some way connected to it.  Yet, we’ve never met.  So while we have more interaction with one another thanks to technology, we are not seeing an increase in personal connection.

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