In Case You Were Worried…

Have you ever had to defend your choice of online education to less than supportive family or friends?  Clearly, the Internet has upended many existing paradigms such as how we shop, socialize and study.  And while no one is suggesting that online studies are out of the mainstream, there is a certain newness to the practice of learning via the “tubes” that can raise the eyebrows of those more enamored of the orthodoxy of brick and mortar institutions of higher learning.  If you find yourself having to defend what is clearly a very savvy choice on your part, the following photo slide show can provide you with some truly unorthodox educational choices you can offer to provide some perspective to your debate opponent.  Follow me over the jump to learn more about such schools as Hamburger University and Clown College. Cannabis College?  School of Clowning Arts?  Corpse College? A university with FREE TUITION?!?  Click here to see a slideshow courtesy of the Huffington Post on some of the world’s kookiest colleges.

2 Responses to “In Case You Were Worried…”

  1. I have been to Hamburger U and found it very informative and helpful. We learned many things that didn’t even pertain to cooking hamburgers. I learned how to be a team player, be proactive not just reactive, how to delegate duties, how to be a valuable contributor to my community.


  2. Noelia Ess

    I live in the West and I do get some funny looks from people when I tell them that I go to school on-line. I’m sure to them on-line schools give them visions of the old Sally Struthers commercials 🙂 I am always more than happy to explain to them that on-line schools are much much more than that and that they are much better than that. I am so glad that this has become more of the norm because it gives anyone the chance to change careers if they have the motivation to do it and you don’t have to quit your job in the process. I’m sure that even these schools in the slideshow give something back to the students that go there but what kind of accreditation do they have? If anything it would be unique to list them in your resume for your achievements and education!

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