How to Become Indispensable in your New Medical Office Job

So you’ve gotten your medical billing and coding or medical office certificate from Allen School Online.  You’ve landed an exciting new position in the offices of a local physician or hospital.  Want to know the secrets of how to be the one person in the office they’d never even think of letting go?  Business Insider recently published this great article explaining how to become the indispensable member of the team.   The condensed version is:
  • Never take the shortcut.
  • Be adaptable, not rigid.
  • Be of service to others without expecting anything in return.
  • Be purpose-driven, not goal-driven.
  • Be assertive. Life is a game, so play big or go home.
  • Forgive others quickly.
For the details, read the whole article here.

One Response to “How to Become Indispensable in your New Medical Office Job”

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have owned a medical billing company for 18 years and your first point, “never take the shortcut” is key. As we all know, medical coding and billing is very precise and one diget in a procedure can mean the difference between a claim paid or a claim denied. One diget in a diagnosis code can mean the difference between a benign tumor and a malignant one. We have a huge responsibility to our physicians and patients.

    Being of service without expecting anything in return is also great advice. The employees that I have kept on over the years always put fourth their best effort, stayed late if they needed to and were never idle. As an employer, these employees save me money and, therefore, are highly rewarded.

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