Meteor Shower Tonight

If you live in the Northeast (as many Allen School students and faculty do) and if you wake up early to start your day, you may be treated to an amazing sight.  The next few pre-dawn mornings will host the annual Leonid Meteor Shower.  Every November, the Earth passes through the tale of comet, Tempel-Tuttle.  The bits of frozen debris in the comet’s tail enter into the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up forming streaks of fire across the sky.  The shooting stars, as many as 20 per hour, will be most visible Thursday and Friday AM between 3AM and dawn.  So if you’re up early to make the coffee, and if you’re far enough away from city lights, have a look up at the dark, pre-dawn skies for an awesome celestial show.  For more about the Leonid Meteor Shower, click here for Wired magazine’s article on the subject.

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