Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

nobel-prizeIn an unforseeable turn of events, President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace this morning.  Not as surprising, folks on the left were proud and folks on the right were incensed.  Jump to read my take and then leave your own comments behind to share with the rest of us. While I generally support the President and think he’s been doing an admirable job despite the horrible state of affairs he inherited, I was not entirely clear what he had done – only 9 months into his term as President – to truly deliver peace.  He campaigned on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that hasn’t happened yet.    While I am certain that his strategies with regard to Iran’s nuclear program and the broader relationship between the US and the Muslim world are far more peaceful in their posture than John McCain and Sarah Palin’s would’ve been, I am still not sold that he has completed anything yet worthy of this award.  I think he has great potential in this regard.  So perhaps that is what the Nobel committee was hoping to underscore and reinforce.  Glen Greenwald at Salon does a much better job of articulating this feeling in his article here.  I recommend reading it. What do you think about this story?

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  1. .I do really understand how everyone feel about President Barack Obama recieveing the Nobel peace prize. No, he does not deserve it but if people listen to the news they see that he had no ideal and was just as shocked as we were. But I guess that other people in high places feel that he deserved it because he does has it even thouigh I don’t approved. Now I keep hearing everyone saying negative things about the president and I don’t agree because everyone know that it is not so easy to end a war, now he could be stupid and end the war and let the troops come home and then America end up getting attack because everyone was so selfish. I don’t hear many people giving him his roses for doing a good job for the 9 months that he has been in office. I just feel everyone is wanting to much in a little amount of time, so we need to back off and just support him

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