Peace Offering in War on Christmas

With so many different religions living side by side in the US, it was only a matter of time before there was some friction regarding the celebration of holidays.  Some folks have lately been complaining about the “secularization” of what used to be known as the Christmas holiday.  They protest the use of the term “Happy Holidays” saying that it is an attack on the Christian values system.  Opponents like to point out that more than one religion has a high holiday in December.  The Jews of course celebrate Chanukah and some of African descent celebrate Kwanzaa.  Yet, for all the arguing about this, no one ever considers the feelings of those who adhere to no religion – the Atheists.  That is, until now.  One of my favorite comedians, Steve Martin, has written this hilarious “Atheist Hymn” which he perfoms with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  In this holiday season, perhaps we can all enjoy some comedy and lay down the differences that divide us in favor of the similarities that bind us all as humans.  However you celebrate this time of year, have a happy, healthy, joyous time of it!

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