Predicted Winners & Losers in 2011

Along with just about every other outlet, US News & World Report recently published some end of the year prognostications about the rapidly approaching New Year.   In a set of twin pieces, US News made some pretty salient predictions on where things are headed for different groups of readers.  I have included a link to each article here and here.  True to conventional wisdom, those in healthcare and related fields made the list of those who would do well in 2011.  The articles are an interesting read, but if you’re strapped for time, the relevant quote is below.
“Workers in growing industries. Healthy companies in stable industries are starting to get back to normal, with profits up and hiring beginning to resume. Healthcare is probably the most well-known recession-resistant industry, with hiring up in virtually every field even during the recession. But other industries like energy, mining, Web publishing, high-end IT work, public transportation, and even waste management have been growing as well. And other industries that cut back during the recession–such as retail, hospitality, and warehousing–are starting to replace some of the jobs lost.”

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