Remembering 9|11

So this weekend marks the 10 year anniversary of the 9|11 attacks on America.  As a school with headquarters and campuses in the NY metro area, we have an extra connection to the events of this fateful day.  Born and raised in New Jersey, within site of the Manhattan skyline, this blogger watched the towers being built as a very young child.  The towers were an indelible part of my upbringing.  I was working in a financial services firm in California in September of 2001 and was up at 6AM Pacific (9am Eastern) to be ready for the stock market’s opening even on the west coast.  I’ll never forget turning on the TV as I did every morning with my coffee to see the image of flight 175 striking the second tower as the first tower burned in the background. At the ten year mark, the country seems ready to reflect on the tragedy that befell us all that fateful morning.  National Geographic magazine has put together one of the better photo essays in remembrance which you can view here. Where were you when you heard the news?  Share your recollections in the comments.  It is part of the healing process to relive the trauma of this scar on our national psyche.  God Bless America!

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  1. Everybody knows what he or she did on September 11 because our minds were so active and interested that the memories are consequently deeply engraved and connected in our brain. We tend to pay attention and recall events, facts or data that incorporate action and connection of some sort. I utilize this whenever I study, or write study-aids. When I wrote on how to study for the mcat, I wrote about memory techniques.

    When September 11 happened, I was at work and everybody was deeply saddened. As I walked home, & bought some food, I could feel it everywhere – in the air, the people, etc. – the world had changed.

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