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keyboardWriting resumes is intimidating for many and with today’s exceptionally competitive employment environment it can be even more daunting.   I have searched the volumes of sites offering resume writing tips and advice and compiled the following list of online resources for navigating the resume writing gauntlet.  Click through to read some of the latest strategies for drafting resumes and cover letters that can help heighten your profile in the toughest employment market in generations. The Damn Good Resume Worksmart Resume Tips

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  1. One of the best ways to market yourself is to bullet your skills/accomplishments relevant to the job right under your name on the first page of your resume. You may have to change these items depending on the requirements of the job.

  2. Misiri Parker

    Writing a resume can be challenging and a little confusing for many people. I volunteer at a community center and I assist one of the resume writers with resume reviews and most of the resumes are not formatted or organize correctly. Some people put too much information and the rest of them do not put enough information. Most jobs, even working at department stores are asking for resumes now days and it is very important that we get on board and learn everything we can about writing an effective resume.

    • Donna Atkins

      I think it is exceptional that you volunteer in this manner as it has such far reaching implications for people – stands to, potentially, make the difference for them between not getting a job and getting one. It reminds me of the old adage about teaching a man to fish and he will always have food, rather than just giving him a fish one time. Providing someone with an effective and upgraded resume does more than open up new job avenues, it also builds self-confidence in the person for whom it has been created. I think you are doing God’s work by volunteering in this specific manner. Good for you!

    • Robin McFadden

      I think that is really great that you volunteer to help people with their resumes. A lot of people do not understand what they are doing wrong when applying for jobs, and maybe if they had just changed one thing on their resume they would have gotten the job, you just never know. I have learned so much in this course already, and i think the netiquette woul dapply the most. The dicussion boards and the ClassLive really help you to learn how to deal with people on a ffriendly basis, and respect them. I think this will help me to go far once I start applying for jobs.

  3. Roslyn Roe

    In today’s competitive job market, a well written resume could mean the difference between not having a job or getting a great job. In Business English we are learning a basic understanding of how to write and use the computer to be better and have an edge up on the next person.

  4. writing a resume is essential for everyone, but unfortunatelly not all of us are good at doing it. I am one of those that didn’t know hot to write one, fortunatelly I had a lot of friends who helped me to make a good one, but I think that this is such as indispensable that schools must teach students how to write it appropriately and the different ways they can write it according to the kind of job. by the way, thanks for the sites you shared with us.

  5. Samantha Hoff

    I just want to comment on writing a resume that will make you stand out from other potential candidates. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 11yrs, and am finishing up with my online schooling this week. Putting together a resume, for me, was pretty frustrating because I felt that any future employer would look at it and say well you haven’t worked in 11yrs what could you have to offer us. But after going through this program and discussing this issue with my instructors, I feel that I have a lot to offer! My instructors helped me realize that the skills I have used the past 11 years can transfer into the work environment. I feel more confident in the resume I have written and feel even more prepared to go into a job interview.

  6. Joanna O'Brien

    It’s so funny to me how daunting the task of writing a resume is to me (and apparently almost everyone else…HA!) The funny thing, is any job I have ever interviewed for, I have gotten. But, as the link Damn Good Resume says, my resume is an opportunity for me to show myself in the best light before I even make it to the interview. I guess, as I am one to not like to be the center of attention, and am not the best when it comes to accepting compliments, these traits spill over into trying to talk about myself to a prospective employer! Thankfully, having this section as a focus for us in the last session of our 9 month training, I have learned how to put my best foot forward and make myself stand out before I even get into the interview.

  7. Lilia Cadotte

    Updating your resume is never a fun task. It’s good to know that everyone feels almost the same way. I begin to edit the format and it doesn’t look right and somehow I become flustered by the look and the information and the style and font. In my mind I am thinking, what can I do really? This is crazy! Well, first off, I really want to make my resume look more than descent; I want it to be perfect. But in my mind, what in the world is perfect to them? All I want to do is land the job. I want my potential employer to look at my resume and say “congratulations, when can you start?” I am not completely satisfied with it, but I will keep trying until I get it to where it’s up to par. Discussing the issues of a functional resume with my professors and peers was really helpful. Participating in the mock interviews also helped greatly. After getting threw the nerve wrecking mock interview, there was a self discovery; I am not discouraged. I am really collected and have no anxiety about interviewing and public speaking. I just have to get from point A to point B with confidence and of course a eye catching resume. Having it be the last week of the program and it comes to an end, I am truly happy with my experience and help of the professors at The Allen School. I have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I am confident that I will do well and I owe it all to the professors here at the Allen School.

  8. Tanisha Johnson

    Resume is not a fun task for me either. The hardest thing for me in putting a resume together is, how I describe the jobs that I had and the job that I currently have. I don’t want to sound blunt, but sometimes I have no clue in what to say my task are. Another thing that is frustrating is the objective. What do I say here? After watching a presentation, it stated do not say I want to obtain a career; if not that than what? I was so glad that I was able to have the career development class. It taught me some things about interviewing and resume writing that I did not know. I know what I should be saying when certain questions are asked and what I should not say. I am so excited about continuing to put my resume together so when I do get called for that dream job I can go in and nail it. My resume will make the employers want to know who I am and the interview will state we have to have her on this team. The Allen School knows the importance of busy adults trying to change careers or further their careers. I am glad I was a student here.

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