Avoidable Mistakes at Medical Assistant Job Interviews

The Allen School blog frequently posts on ways to improve job interview performance, resume writing and other job search related topics.  The Allen School does a great job preparing people for new careers as medical office assistants.  Yet after graduation, there are another set of skills required to land a job; beyond the skills and practices you study to earn your certification.  The jobs search is almost a job unto itself and here the blog, we try to provide as much good information and support as we can.  The following information provides some information that I find to be very astute and more insightful than the typical information we typically see on this topic. The article here from LiveScience via Yahoo! News provides a very interesting list of 6 mistakes you can avoid during your next job interview if you’re prepared in advance.  Here are the six mistakes: Mistake No. 1: Pretending you can do it all Mistake No. 2: Dismissing questions about social media. Mistake No. 3: Bringing in negative energy. Mistake No. 4: Overlooking interests and hobbies. Mistake No. 5: Failing to research the company. Mistake No. 6: Not asking questions. You can read the elaboration on each mistake, why people typically make each one, and how to avoid falling into the same trap.  Read all about it and be well-prepared for your next job interview for medical assistant positions.

Avoid “Email Fail” Seeking Medical Billing Specialist Jobs

Soon, another class of medical billing specialists will complete their medical billing classes online with the Allen School and gear up for the tasks of landing their first job in their new career.  They’ll be well prepared to perform at a very high level, having been trained by one of the top medical billing and coding schools in the country.  What they may not have been taught however, is how to avoid making mistakes in their approach to hiring managers. For example, the very first step in a job hunt is to send email queries to hiring authorities, offering a resume and trying to get noticed over the other respondents to advertised job openings.  But did you know that this seemingly simple first step can truly hobble your efforts if done improperly?  Yes, it’s true.  There are some very common mistakes job candidates frequently make when sending out job search emails.  Learn what they are and avoid shooting yourself in the foot from the get-go! Here are the four email fails reported by the folks over at the SavvyIntern blog.
  1. Your Resume Filename is… “Resume”
  2. Your Email Makes No Reference to the Open Position
  3. Your Email Has No Text
  4. You Tell Me You Have “All of the Right Qualifications” (Wrong!)
Visit their piece here for all the details on why each of these four common screw-ups make for bad job hunting mojo!