Happy Mother’s Day: How Will You Honor Mom?

Writing the blog for the Allen School Online poses a challenge as I must always weigh whether a given topic is going to be relevant to a large enough segment of our readers.  Some very interesting topics are put aside if I determine that they would only be of import to a smaller percentage of readers.  I am always seeking stories that will resonate amongst the largest common denominator.  Alas, every single person who may read this post has one thing in common.  Everyone has a mother.  This weekend as you know (and if you’re just reminded by my humble post then shame on you and hurry up with your planning) is Mother’s Day.  I have always felt that moms deserve more than just a single day each year for all the hard work and sacrifice they make on behalf of their children.  But I guess the holiday all but ensures that even if we forget to honor them all year long, at least one day each year, we take the time to convey the gratitude and love we feel for all our moms have meant to us.  In case there are laggers in the group here – too preoccupied with studies to have devised any plan yet to celebrate – I would like to ask our readers what they plan to do with or for their mothers this sunday.  Share your celebration plans in the comments and help those who may still be seeking a good idea for how best to honor mom.  And to my own mother who, as all good mothers do, proudly seeks out and reads just about everything I write in the public realm let me say, “I love you momma and have a fantastic Mother’s Day!”