Characteristics of the Ideal Medical Assistant

If your passion is helping others, a career as a nursing assistant could be for you. Nursing assistants play an important role in caring for others in a hospital, surgery center, physician practice, rehabilitation facility and/or assisted living facility. Those considering pursuing their education as a nursing assistant at the Allen School of Health Sciences often wonder if the profession is for him or her. While people of a variety of personalities and interests may choose to pursue a career as a nursing assistant, there are some personal traits and interests that could indicate a career as a nursing assistant is well-suited for you. The Roles of a Medical Assistant Nursing assistants are vital to helping their patients carry out activities of daily living (ADL’s), meaning they play a vital role in helping patients heal. Examples of duties a nursing assistant may perform include:
  • helping patients bathe and dress
  • assisting patients to the toilet
  • helping patients transfer, walk and turn
  • helping patients eat
  • taking patients’ vital signs and measuring blood glucose levels
Nursing assistants work with nurses and doctors in the care of their patients. Do You Have What It Takes? Not that you know the duties of the job and have ideally heard tasks that interest you, it’s time to consider the qualities that could mean you’re an excellent fit to be a nursing assistant. If you identify with the following statements, you should consider a career as a nursing assistant: I enjoy working with and caring for others. A nursing assistant’s most important characteristic is his or her compassion. A nursing assistant often cares for patients at their most vulnerable states of illness and injury. They must show caring and comfort for those who are in need. I can listen to people and communicate well with others. Nursing assistants must be communicators, often interacting with many members of their communities. This includes patients of all ages, their families, healthcare providers and more. Nursing assistants also must not be afraid to speak up if they have a concern about a change in a patient’s health. I’m in good physical shape. While you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to be a nursing assistant, you do need to be able to complete some physical tasks, such as lifting and moving patients while working with other nursing assistants and nurses. Nursing assistants also do a lot of walking from different patients’ rooms, supply closets and nutritional facilities, so you should be prepared to be on your feet for quite a while during a shift. I can be patient with others. Being a nursing assistant requires patience with your patients. When they aren’t feeling their best, they may require a level of help that can sometimes be frustrating. You’re also often asked to care for multiple patients, which can create a certain level of stress. However, if you can handle stressful situations and have a good amount of patience, you will find the abilities to care for others as a nursing assistant a rewarding profession. If you’re ready to start on a rewarding career as a Nursing Assistant in the medical field, call the Allen School of Health Sciences at 1 (888) 620-6745. Nursing Assistant educational programs are offered at our Jamaica, NY, and Brooklyn, NY sites.

Doctors, Nursing Assistants, Medical Pros Blast Olympic Sponsors

The Allen School blog frequently covers the topic of unhealthy foods, junk foods and especially egregious examples of such.  Nursing assistants are among the medical professionals who witness, first hand, the negative effects these horrible foods have on the health of their patients.  I bet few of the men and women taking the nursing assistant training course at Allen School are going to be anything but shocked when they’re confronted with the ailments that arise from morbid obesity.  But those doctors, nurses and nurses assistants already on the job in the UK have seen it (just as their counterparts here in the US have.)  And this is why they’re speaking out against the leading sponsorship role played by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola in the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in London. It seems their outrage has fallen upon sympathetic ears among the London Assembly.  Established in 2000, the London Assembly is an elected body that monitors the activities of the Mayor of London and has the power to amend the mayor’s annual budget.  As such, they have a good deal of influence over happenings in London and they’ve called for the International Olympic Committee to adopt strict  criteria for Olympic sponsors.  Such criteria would exclude companies like Mickey D’s and Coke from sponsoring the Olympics on the grounds that they are both products that perpetuate the global obesity epidemic.  An event that awards the competitors who display top physical condition and athletic prowess, the Olympics (in the opinion of the London Assembly) should not be sponsored by companies whose products contribute significantly to poor physique and lagging athleticism. As future nursing assistants, what are your thoughts on this controversy?  I mean, we all enjoy a Big Mac and a Coke from time to time and McDonald’s and Coke have long been leading sponsors of the Olympic Games.  But should the health implications of fast food be factored into the decision over who sponsors the Olympics?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

2009 Graduation Photos

10On Thursday, June 6th, 2009, at the Queens College Colden Auditorium, a ceremony was held honoring the largest Allen School graduating class in its almost fifty year history – a full 1400 graduates – which included graduates from the Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant programs and the first group of graduates from the Allen School’s new Online Medical Insurance Billing & Coding program. The online graduates who attended with their families were not only from New York, but also from such distant places as Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Ohio. Continue reading…