Think Innovative Thoughts

Just because something has been done the same way for a long time doesn’t mean it’s the only correct way of doing something.  As you embark on your careers in the medical field, never forget to keep your mind open to innovation.  For some inspiration in this regard, check out this video of a man who looked at the large patches of plastic flotsam on the ocean’s surface and saw something quite different than floating garbage.  See how he turned garbage into an island paradise.

2 Responses to “Think Innovative Thoughts”

  1. TarraAnn Phaneuf

    personally i think that this man is a genius! who would have thought to turn our trash into our own island! People pay millions of dollors to buy their own island and this make makes one out of garbage that looks nicer than some of the million dolor ones! He’s figured out how to turn all his wastes into usefull things, old food and body wastes are furtilizers, has electricity from old aluminum cans, made a weight bench out of old soda bottles! he’s thought of everything, and if i though i could live like that man i would do what he has done in a heartbeat!

    • Hi everyone,

      I entered this school in January of 2009, and I Know this school has taught me a lot. Things I did not know and things I wanted to know. I know going to this school helped me. I am one to think outside the box and wanted to learn medical billing & coding. I will be prepared when I get a job in this field. I have made some friends in which I will try hard to stay in contact with. I have met online some wonderful teachers that have helped me improve my skills and forward my education. I will forever be grateful. I am glad I took this step.

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